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About Lily Black

Jevata Herman established her salon at the corner of 3rd and Clay in 2010.  She fell in love with the architecture of the historic Jackson Ward building.  She later learned that the building was built by John Mitchell, Jr. Mr. Mitchell was a businessman, newspaper editor, African American civil rights activist, and politician in Richmond, Virginia.


His offices were located in Richmond's Jackson Ward, which became known as the "Black Wall Street". Jevata admired the style of the building's exterior and particularly the display of granite and marble which was very important to Mitchell who felt the quality of the structure must mirror that of the Main Street banks. John Mitchell, Jr. headed the political ticket that came to be known as Lily Black.

In 2010, exactly one hundred years after Mitchell built the beautiful structure at 212 East Clay, Jevata established her hair salon in the same building.  

In 2020, one hundred years after Mitchell and Walker created the Lily-Black Ticket, Jevata secured the space that was the lobby of the Mechanic's Savings Bank in the heart of Historic Jackson Ward.


Lily Black honors the rich history of Black entrepreneurship, political participation, and women's empowerment in Jackson Ward. 

We welcome guests to celebrate special events with us and experience the unique architecture, warmth, and pride of Black Wall Street.

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